Welcome to the Gunsmith Shoppe

“Dedicated to Shooters and Their Guns”
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Welcome to the Gunsmith Shoppe

“Dedicated to Shooters and Their Guns”
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Customize Everything

Our customers are passionate gun owners and we understand them because we are passionate gun owners ourselves. Whether you are looking to customize a prized firearm or improve upon a poorly performing one, our gunsmith service can help.
Antique & Used Firearms

Your Source For Unique Firearms

Quite simply our customers keep coming back because we always have unique guns for sale. For years gun lovers and collectors have found their experience in our shop like walking into a museum. We carry a variety of antique guns and military firearms including original Colts, Springfield rifles,  and much more. We are able to offer the most comprehensive selection in Saskatoon because we are one of the only firearms retailer in the city with a Prohibited Possession and Acquisition License. Our inventory, both online and in-store is an eclectic mix of treasured firearms, hard to come by parts, military equipment, unique memorabilia, scopes, magazines and odd and unique ammunition. If you are a gun enthusiast or a collector, we know that you will want to see what we have to offer.
Our Story

About Us

Locally owned and operated since 1974, the Saskatoon Gunsmith Shoppe provides the most comprehensive selection of used and rare firearms in Saskatchewan, general gunsmithing services, and a high level of customer service in the Prairies. Along with providing universal gunsmithing services we buy and sell a wide range of hard to come by products including antique firearms, military firearms, prohibited firearms, and rare memorabilia. We also provide Firearm Insurance and Estate Appraisals and own a Prohibited Possession and Acquisition License.

What Our Customers Say

“A+ simply one of the best outfits in western Canada for gunsmithing.”

Mark S.

“Took on a rifle that not every gunsmith would attempt to toy with blew my expectations out of the water with the amazing workmanship and talent wouldn’t think twice of taking my rifles else ware just amazing work thank you t”

Dallas C.

“Every time I come to this shop I am made to feel welcome! Great craftsmanship and great prices. You will not find a better shop in Saskatoon!”

Kat S.

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